Nest Protect


Boring home appliances are getting a new lease on life thanks to Internet connectivity; specifically Wi-Fi. Take smoke alarms, for example. They’re supposed to warn you when there’s smoke in your home or when your house is on fire. The main problem with non-smart smoke alarms is that they end up being an annoyance when your house isn’t in flames and it’s just a false alarm.

The Nest Protect is a 21st century smoke alarm (and carbon monoxide alarm, too). At first glance it resembles MUJI’s wall-mounted CD player (full disclosure: I used to work at MUJI), but this is no CD player.

Designed by ex-Apple engineer, Tony Fadell, the “father of the iPod”, it’s no surprise the Protect is a user-friendly smoke/co alarm with a clean design that responds to potential danger as if it’s a human being, as opposed to a blaring alarm that tells you no info at all. This is as Apple-y as a smoke alarm is ever going to get.

Protect talks to you in English when it believes there is danger. Built-in motion sensors allow you to wave your hand to silence the alarm. (No more getting up on a stool or using a broom to tap a button). And connectivity with iOS and Android smartphones/tablets means you can easily keep track of battery levels and get message notifications when the alarm goes off and you’re not home. Nest also has a handy pathlight (the ring) that can automatically turn on to light a path in your home at night or be switched on with the Nest Protect app.

Compared to $30-40 smoke alarms, the Nest Protect is steep at $129, but that’s also the same thing everyone said about the first iPhone and Android smartphones years ago. Progress starts with a solid product. Being an early adopter isn’t easy on the wallet.

Price: $129
Source: Nest

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