Style 101: How to Keep Your Dress Shirt Crisp


Birchbox isn’t just known for its monthly sample subscription of goods. The company’s website is actually a trove of insightful tips and tricks. From grooming to how-tos, to understanding style, Birchbox is a great source for becoming a more dapper guy. In one of its latest videos, Birchbox shows several useful ways to keep a dress shirt crisp and clean. You can watch the brief (two-minutes) video below or just read our synopsis:

  1. Use a handheld steamer to smooth out wrinkles quickly instead of using an iron
  2. Straighten collars and cuffs with a hair straightener (borrow it from your lady, sister or mother if you have to)
  3. Use metal collar stays (if your shirt supports them)
  4. Tuck your shirts in properly using a military tuck
  5. Keep a Tide To Go stain remover pen handy when you’re out and about
  6. Use thick hangers instead of thin wire ones to prevent stretching
  7. Align shoulder seams with arms of hanger and button every other button to keep shirt in immaculate condition

Source: Birchbox