Dogfish Head and Elysian’s Immortal Beers


Beer names have started to get out of hand and the latest crazy one (possibly the longest) is by Evil Twin Brewing, Christmas Eve At A New York City Hotel Room. Two craft breweries have just so happen to produce beers with the word “Immortal” in their name, Elysian’s Immortal IPA and Dogfish Head’s Immortal Ale. In the field of beer names, we were expecting one of the best beers each brewery has ever made. Come on, if you’re using the word “Immortal,” should it not be the end all, be all beer that will last forever? Sam Adams didn’t take beer names lightly and their beer, Utopia is their most famous and expensive (A bottle costs $250). It’s important to note Elysian’s Immortal IPA is a medium-bodied American IPA, while Dogfish Head’s Immortal Ale is full-bodied English strong ale. When we tried both, we were hoping to compare them, but we’re talking about apples and oranges. Bottom line, both beers were great and delicious, but they don’t necessarily live up to the “Immortal” in their name and both breweries have much better beers in their portfolio. Below are our descriptions of both beers.


Elysian’s Immortal IPA is built with Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-Hell base malts. The hops used are Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo. The ABV is 6.3% and the IBU is 54.

  • Appearance – Clear bright and golden
  • Aroma – Sweet grapefruit, citrus, dry spicy hop forward
  • Taste – Light sweet melon flavor to start and followed by the hoppy and citrus bitterness
  • Overall – 8/10 This American IPA is well-balanced with sweet and slight savory flavors


Dogfish Head’s Immortal Ale is much bigger than Elysian’s beer and is nearly double the ABV at 11%. The grain bill is not as public, but a key addition to this beer is maple syrup from Red Brook Farm, peat-smoked barley and vanilla.

  • Appearance – Cloudy dark mahogany
  • Aroma – Peaty, smoky, slight vanilla with bark and maple syrup
  • Taste – Full-bodied smooth scotch like in flavor, sweet malts, smoky and toasted oak
  • Overall – 8/10 This English strong ale has tons of flavor and body and will hit you like a ton of bricks, don’t drink this too fast at 11% ABV

Source: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, Elysian Brewing