Sole Socks


Going sock-less looks great in the spring or summer, but it also means your shoes are going to smell terrible because of your sweaty feet. You can wear some slick socks, instead, or those thin socks that always slip off, but that would defeat the whole purpose of going sock-less. The fix: Sole-Socks.

Sole-Socks are insoles that absorb all the stink from your feet, while keeping your shoes fresh. They’re kind of like magical feet deodorizers that are constantly working. Sole-Socks are made from 100 percent Terry cloth and feature three layers to ensure your feet are cool and comfy throughout the day.

One thing to note: you’ll need to wash the insoles after each use. Don’t worry, you can just toss them into the washing machine like you would regular socks.

All of the early-bird $7 specials on Kickstarter are gone, but you can still grab a pair if you back it for $8 or more.

Price: $8+
Source: Sole-Socks

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