Banana Republic Tailored Slim-Fit Elbow-Patch Oxford Shirt


When picking shirts, other than fabric quality, I try to find ones with a touch of oddity to them. Little details can make a generic-looking shirt stand out. Some things to look for include different colored stitching, inner cuff linings, insignias on the collars, and unique buttons.

For a casual Friday or weekend, you want a shirt that’s more relaxed (in style, not fit). Aside from polka dots, elbow pads are back in style. They’re not just for jackets anymore. This “Tailored Slim-Fit Elbow-Patch Oxford” from Banana Republic has plaid elbow pads and a matching inner collar lining. It’s clean, modern and says “I’m not an uptight workaholic” in the subtlest of ways.

It’s like they always say: details matter.

Price: $29.99
Source: Banana Republic