Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag 2014 Sale (up to 25% off)


Timbuk2, makers of some of the finest messenger bags around, has a rare sale on its bags with savings up to 25 percent off. Of particular interest: the new Classic Messenger Bag 2014 edition is part of the deal. With a snugger fit, new shoulder strap with curved airmesh strap, grab handle, hidden buckles, internal pockets for two water bottles, and contoured flaps (to prevent rain from getting in), the new Classic Messenger Bag 2014 is better than ever. And for a limited time, it’s cheaper, too.

You can find all of Timbuk2’s sales on bags here or check out the specific savings on the Classic Messenger Bag 2014 below.

All bags are available in several colors, so pick wisely. If anything, get black. It matches everything.

(Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement and Dapper Guide is not affiliated with Timbuk2 in any capacity. We simply believe this is a great deal that’s worth sharing.)

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