Bike Shelfie


Living in an apartment is tough. You either limit the amount of stuff you have in it, or you put all your stuff in storage. In NYC, where space is limited and apartments are small, there’s really no good place to put a bike (locking it up on the street is an invitation to get it stolen). Instead of using cumbersome mounting poles that can scratch the paint job, Shelfie is a simple shelf to hang a bike on.

Developed by Juergen Beneke, the Shelfie hangs your bike by the seat. The interior has a small space for displaying trophies, pictures or doodads and Simple, contemporary, the the Shelfie fits virtually any kind of bike. It’s also good for holding up your bike while you make quick repairs.

I’m not one to display my bike as art, but if you’ve got a bike lying around, sure why not.

Price: $125+
Source: Shelfie

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