Bellroy Travel Wallet Review


When traveling abroad, the two most important things to have (besides a working cellphone) are your passport and local currency. Losing either or both is not something anyone wants to experience.

It goes without question that keeping your passport and your money safely guarded on you at all times is a top priority. As we noted last week, the Belloy Passport Sleeve Wallet is a great all-in-one sleeve for carrying your ID and your plastic, but it sure doesn’t have enough room for any currency.


However, the Bellroy Travel Wallet does. The Travel Wallet is the step up from the Passport Sleeve Wallet. Made from vegetable tanned leather and available in Cocoa (brown) or Midnight (black), the Travel Wallet is noticeably thicker, but for good reason because it simply holds more.


In typical Bellroy fashion, the Travel Wallet is only as thick as it needs to be; no more and no less. There’s a slot for a passport, the lovely Walkie Ball Pen and seven slots ā€” enough to stash eight credit/debit cards or a business cards. Me? I’ve been using the inner slots to store Polaroids. (Yes, I’m that kind of guy.)


And to prove that this is a wallet for the globe trotter, there’s a tiny little slot inside the folds for stashing a spare SIM card.


The Travel Wallet also has two large spacious slots for storing currency and boarding passes of any size. With dimensions of 15cm x 9.5cm, we’ve yet to find any currency the Travel Wallet can’t store properly.


If you don’t have boarding passes, you can use the two slots for sorting currency. While traveling, I found myself putting lower bills in one section and higher bills in another. Or, you can use one slot for receipts. The long large, long slots mean you’ll never have to fold a receipt again.


Again, Bellroy eschews fancy ornamentation. The Travel Wallet only has a small “bellroy” logo embossed on the lower right corner of the front of the wallet, the company’s owl mascot embossed on the inner left flap on the corner and a “Bellroy vegetable tanned leather. For a lifetime of happy service.” on the right flap.

Subtle and understated, the Travel Wallet makes for an even more versatile travel necessity than the Passport Sleeve Wallet.

Price: $119.95
Source: Bellroy

(All photos by Raymond Wong for Dapper Guide.)