J. Crew Ludlow Traveler Suit (feat. Casey Neistat)


J.Crew commissioned director and YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat to create a video to promote its new Ludlow Traveler Suit. Known for his odd antics do-whatever-the-fuck he wants to attitude, Neistat’s video presents “17 tips to travel with style.”

His video is classic Neistat, right up there with his previous creative works for other companies such as Nike and Mercedes-Benz. You only wish you had the balls to wear a fitted suit while surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and riding a motorcycle. We’re sure the Traveler Suit is great, but the real lesson here is that life’s too short. Look good and live each day to its fullest.

Hang on, you didn’t think we wouldn’t tell you about the suit would you? Here’s the lowdown: it’s made from Italian wool, has a tailored modern cut with trim silhouette, narrow lapel, two non-functional buttons on the cuffs, pickstitching along collar and is double vented.

Price: $450
Source: YouTube and J. Crew