Go To IPA by Stone Brewing Co. Review


With Spring officially starting and the release of a great session IPA beer from Stone Brewing co., March has been a fabulous month. Stone has identified itself as an outstanding craft brewery with many different styles, but they all are predominately full-bodied and intense. One of their most famous beers, Arrogant Bastard is an aggressively hoppy strong ale. Stone’s latest creation is completely different, a light session IPA that can be drank by the barrels as it’s refreshing and has half the alcohol as the Arrogant Bastard. These session ales are a revelation in the beer industry as they have great flavor and take a while to get you drunk. Just imagine you’re drinking the best tasting Bud Light ever.

  • Appearance – Crisp and clear bright golden color with a thin and light head
  • Aroma – Floral hops (Fresh), ripe oranges, slight grapefruit zest, mango, lemon with a hint of malt from the body
  • Taste – Tastes like it smells – floral hops, light body. Light yet creamy mouthfeel and goes down incredibly smooth
  • Overall – 9/10 This session IPA is really giving Founders All Day IPA a run for its money. The flavors are straight forward and crisp. Don’t forget to drink this immediately as this like a fresh sparkling wine and will deteriorate with age.

Source: Stone Brewing Co.

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