Style 101: Elbow Pads Are Back


Elbow pads used to be geeky — in a “only wear if you’re a substitute teacher” kind of way. But as with all clothing trends, what’s old is new, and what’s dorky is cool again.

Whether they’re jackets, blazers or sweaters, elbow pads add an extra look of toughness, even if you’re not going for a tough guy look. Elbow pads, like uniquely-colored stitching or carefully-picked liners are details that can help define an otherwise dull look. It’s a magic “pop” element; one small feature that exudes confidence in public. You might not think much of it, but that beautiful woman at the bar — she definitely will notice it.

At the same time, you don’t want to get garments with elbow pads that overdo it. No ribbed elbow pads. Remember, you’re not going for a motorcycle rider look; you’re going for a clean, classic and mannered fit — smart, educated and charming. Also, don’t worry if the elbow pads don’t line up with your actual elbows.

(Top image: Hackett London/flickr)

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