Village Voice Choice Eats 2014 Recap


Choice Eats 2014 was another great event by Village Voice. The Voice always brings quality food and drink companies and Choice Eats 2014 was no exception. The event took place on Tuesday, March 25th at Basketball City in Lower Manhattan. The new venue was not a big factor, but we appreciated the ample space and how spread out the vendors were. Similar to a museum, food events need careful curation and the Voice was on point by having heavy protein foods up front, followed by drinks towards the middle and desserts in the back. We actually could go down one of two aisles and get a nice sampling and pairing of food and drinks.

New York City is littered with James Beard winners and cult restaurants. The Voice did a great job of bringing some of the most exciting restaurants in the industry. Manhattan standbys were in full force from Dirt Candy to the Meatball Shop and they lived up to the hype with delicious fresh bites. There were other companies that had special releases, specifically for the Choice Eats event.

A few of our favorite bites and drinks were from Rogue Ales, New Holland Artisan Spirits, Edi & The Wolf and Butter & Scotch.


Rogue Ales Rum and Bourbon which were surprisingly tasty


Edi & The Wolf Chocolate Gianduja which was a delicious smooth, crunchy and rich chocolate dessert


Butter & Scotch Dark and Stormy popcorn

Source: Village Voice

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