Frequent Flyer: Traveling With Watches


Packing for a trip can be incredibly easy for a guy, we don’t need much and can just throw things in our luggage, but when it comes to watches, they that cannot be wedged between your underwear and shirts, they need a special case. Don’t try to use the case the watch came in as you’ll be stuck with multiple odd-shaped cases in your luggage. We turn to a simple travel watch case. These are easy to pick up and can cost from $10-$250. A travel watch case can carry anywhere from 3 to 10 watches depending on the size. If you’re wondering if you really need this, you do. Watches are an investment, big and small and need to be cared for at all times. 

What watches should you bring on a trip? We always start with one watch for casual attire and one for dressy attire. If you have quite a few to choose from, throw in a watch that matches your outfits from a black suit (Ahoi Watch by NOMOS Glashütte) to a run in the gym (Omega Speedmaster). Got your watches? It’s time to pick your case. Below are a few cases we recommend.

Hodinkee-Leather- Travel-Tube-Brown3

1. Leather Travel Tube by Hodinkee – This is the best in the game, made with premium Italian leather, holds up to four watches and brought to you by the authority on watches, Hodinkee.
Price: $250
Source: Hodinkee


2. Diplomat Watch Travel Roll With Black Suede Interior Watch Case – Affordable and efficient leather and suede case that holds up to three watches.
Price: $50
Source: Amazon


3. Cosmos ® Travel Storage Roll Bag – As cheap as you can find out there, this case is water-resistant and holds up to six watches.
Price: $10.99
Source: Amazon

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