Cool Beanz Coffee Porter Review


Palo Alto Brewing Co. is a fairly new company (Gypsy Brewer) and we’ve tried a few styles from them and they’ve yet to disappoint. Believe it or not, labels are essential and Palo Alto has fantastical and fun labels. Cool Beanz is an outstanding coffee porter brewed with Philz Coffee. Porters are a bit out of season, but this is a great morning/brunch drink.

  • Appearance – Jet black or opaque with a light creamy head
  • Aroma – Roasted coffee, slight berry tone and ash
  • Taste – Rich medium to full-bodied roasted coffee flavor that is very smooth and has hit of biscuit and malt
  • Overall – 8/10 We’ve had delicious porters and this is up there. The flavors are delicious, yet not perfectly refined

Source: Palo Alto Brewing

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