Xiaomi MI TV 2 49-inch 4K TV


While we’re generally wary of Chinese-based companies churning out third-rate electronics, Xiaomi has a good track record. The company’s newly announced MI TV 2 is a 49-inch 4K TV on the cheap: only about $640 after conversion from Chinese yuan to U.S. dollars. The 4K TV with the 15.5mm thickness and 6.2mm aluminum bezel supports 3D and runs Android smart TV apps. It even has a microSD card slot for expanding its 8GB of internal storage up to 64GB.

A Bluetooth LE remote that supports voice recognition and air gestures will also be included in the box (because it just wouldn’t be futuristic without some kind of voice control).

The MI TV 2 will be available in a variety of colors starting on May 27. However, if you want one, you may have to import one from China. That, or have a friend sneak one out for you.

Price: ~$640
Source: Xiaomi

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