Cocktail Crate Handmade Mixers


Making a cocktail is fun, but it can be quite difficult and time-consuming. If mixing cocktails isn’t your thing, start with a mixer. There are a ton of mixers in the market and if you’re shopping by price, you’re failing. Cocktail Crate has produced three mixers, that are made in New York from local, fresh ingredients and they’re sweetened with local wildflower honey and organic cane sugar.

Cocktail Crate’s mixers seem a bit pricey, but we’re saving money by not having to buy additional ingredients. All you’ll need is a bottle of liquor and the mixer. At 375ml these mixers will cover 5-10 drinks which is a deal considering the quality taste you’ll get. There are three mixers available:

Ginger Bee – Made with ginger, wildflower honey and cloves. This mixes best with virtually any liquor from whiskey to vodka.

Lavender Bloom – Made with lavender, jasmine tea and honey. This goes great with a light neutral spirit.

Spiced Old Fashioned – Made with cinnamon, fresh-cut orange peels, allspice and sugar. Whiskey is all you need.

Price: $12 (375ml)
Source: Cocktail Crate

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