Trixie & Milo Flasks


We can’t understand why you can’t drink alcohol in public (For nearly all of the U.S.), because we’re not looking to have a few shots, but just enjoy a nice day with a drink. We’ve featured a portside flask, and recently we stumbled upon Trixie & Milo who specialize in artistic flasks.


Trixie & Milo flasks are made of stainless steel with an attached screw down cap. These flasks carry 8 oz. of booze which is plenty for a quick nip or if you must, a drinking session on your commute home. Trixie & Milo flasks stand apart as their artwork is entirely original. They’re not taking vintage or overused images, but have created 20-30 unique designs. All designs are printed on high quality waterproof vinyl, then laminated under a high-gloss finish. Usually we prefer the most discreet flask possible (As drinking in public is illegal), but these unique beautiful flasks are impossible to miss.

Price: $29
Source: Trixie & Milo

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