Magnote Magnetic Notebooks


Despite our affinity for digital notes on our smartphones and tablets, physical notebooks — the paper kind — still exist. Designing a better notebook is akin to designing a better wheel — the question of “Is it even possible?” stumping designers.

Los Angeles-based Orange Monkie thinks its built the best notebook for the 21st century: the world’s first notebook composed of magnets. Using neodymium magnets, each Magnote can be magnetically attached to another notebook. And there’s no limit to how many notebooks can be linked together.


Another slick feature of the Magnote is its flatness. When opened up, the Magnote lays completely flat on a surface versus notebooks that arc. At 5.3 x 7.7 inches, the Magnote is roughly the size of an iPad mini.

One type doesn’t fit all. Magnotes come in five types: two-year monthly planner (July 2014 – June 2016), daily planner (two months / 64 pages), plain type (entirely blank), ruled (64 pages of lined) and grid type (64 pages of graph paper).

Price: $43+
Source: Kickstarter

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