DIY Fluorescent Tube Floor Lamp


You don’t need to blow $1,600 on a modern lamp. See that sleek fluorescent tube lamp up top? Mike Warren aka mikeasaurus on Instructables built it with $200 in parts he purchased from Home Depot.

Mike says his lamp was inspired by the Gian Nicola Gigante floor lamps (circa 1981) that now cost up to $1,600 (and that’s if you can even find them). His version, however, uses pine boards, wall tubes and chrome closet poles. As you can see, the end result is modern, yet has a steampunk vibe to it.

Instead of sitting on the couch all day this weekend, maybe grab some tools, hit up Home Depot and put together your own fluorescent tube floor lamp.

Price: $200 + time
Source: Instructables

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