Adidas miCoach Fit Smart


Adidas isn’t sitting idle while Nike, Fitbit, Withings (and soon Apple) dominate the fitness wearable market. Meet the miCoach Fit Smart, the company’s Fuel Band clone that tracks your heart rate, calories burned, pace, stride rate and total distance when you’re exercising.

An LED indictor glows in four different colors to let you know how you’re doing, and an accompanying smartphone app (Adidas MiCoach) for iOS or Android will provide specific details on your workout with visual charts and graphs.

Adidas says the miCoach Fit Smart is targeted at users who actually want to improve their training as opposed to casual users *ahem* Fuel Band *ahem*. With that in mind, Adidas plans to have hundreds of training plans to really help you level up.

The easiest way to think of the miCoach Fit Smart is as a personal fitness coach that knows how hard you’ve trained who then tells you what you need to do to hit that next goal.

Look for the miCoach Fit Smart to hit stores this August.

Price: $199
Source: Adidas

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