SWASH Express Clothing Care System


Dry cleaning clothes can get expensive. Ironing your clothing, while great for removing wrinkles in the interim, can also reduce its lifespan. The SWASH Express Clothing Care System looks and sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. The PP and galvanized steel machine is designed to “refresh” all articles of clothing you’d normally have to take to the dry cleaners.

According to the description on Bloomingdale’s, clothing is placed inside and SWASH PODS are then used to “refresh” it within 10 minutes. SWASH claims to be able to remove light wrinkles, neutralize odors to leave clothes smelling clean, restore clothing fit, and prevent pilling and fading to increase longevity.

With SWASH, you’re reportedly able to reduce your dry cleaning by 50 percent. If this clothing refreshing machine really works, the $499 spent on it would be peanuts compared to the thousands of dollars you’d spend on dry cleaning fees over several years.

You can see a video demo for it here.

Price: $499.99
Source: Bloomingdale’s

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