Sony Walkman NW-ZX1 High-Resolution Music Player


The iPod may have killed the Walkman 10 years ago, and now we’ve got smartphones and Spotify to satisfy our ears, but Sony’s resurrecting the digital audio player.

The success of gadgets like the Pono is proof that there’s demand for high-resolution music, and not the compressed junk we’re currently getting. The Sony NW-ZX1 High-Resolution Walkman is not for the regular guy. For starters, it’s $700.

Listen to your music the way it was meant to be with sampling and bit-rates that are higher than CDs. Experience your tunes in PCM (WAV/AIFF) and lossless formats such as FLAC and ALAC with the NXZ-ZX1’s S-Master HX digital amplifier for less distortion.

High-res audio files, like high-res photos, are big. That’s why the NXZ-ZX1 has 128GB of storage (good for storing up to 36,000 songs).

A 4-inch screen lets you browse album art with clarity and a 32 battery hour life ensure you won’t need to reach for the charging cable for days. Built-in NFC also lets you pair the Walkman to a Bluetooth speaker.

And did we mention the design is handsome as hell?

Price: $750 (Buy on Amazon)
Source: Sony

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