Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities: Agave Cerveza Review


Flying Dog Brewery is an exciting and experimental craft brewery out of Maryland. While some of our favorite breweries specialize in one category from a pale ale to Belgium beers, Flying Dog Brewery produces any and all styles. We’ve had their Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout, Imperial IPA, Mint Chocolate Stout, Mango Habanero IPA and now their Agave Cerveza. On a recent drinking session, we met up with the Agave Cerveza and gave it a try.

The Agave Cerveza is part of the “Brewhouse Rarities” line which follows the credo, “Too weird to live, too rare to die” by Hunter S.Thompson. This limited release, small-batch line is where the mad scientist goes out of the box and anything goes. It’s interesting that the Agave Cerveza isn’t something you’ve never seen, but it’s taking the terrible taste is most Mexican lagers and making a complex and delicious beer. This is the best Corona you’ve ever had.

  • Appearance – Bright straw yellow, touch hazy, but mostly clear. Thin and quickly fleeting head with decent retention.
  • Aroma – Close to a cream ale with lemon grass, fresh bread and cereal grains. The agave nectar is hidden and the lime zest comes through well when the beer is at a higher temperature.
  • Taste – Citrus and spicy dominate the flavor notes. The malt comes through nicely in this light bodied session ale. The lime zest is the clear winner as this is like a lager an a lime bar smashed together.
  • Overall – 6.5/10 There’s a lot to love about this beer, but it take a bit of time and a careful palate to discover the flavors. Beginner beer drinkers will think of this as a Bud Lime. Give this a try next to a Bud Lime or Corona and see the real difference.

Source: Flying Dog Brewery

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