Seiko Solar Watch


As versatile as a sport watch is, the dress watch is equally important. If your budget permits one purchase, we recommend purchasing the watch that will be used the most. Are you athletic, wear collared shirts, jeans and shorts to work? Get a sport watch with a metal band. If during the week you’re suited up or business casual and are less athletic, then go for a dress watch with a leather band.

It’s easy to drop $5,000 and get a nice overpriced watch from your local mall watch store, but you have to get creative when you have $100 to spend and don’t want to look like an idiot. When it comes to an affordable watch that looks stunning and has a great design, we’ve covered a few we love. The Nendo Draftsman 01-Scale is sharp and Uniform Wares watches are beautiful. There are many out there, and we’re going to add one more to the list, the Seiko Solar Watch. On first glance, this watch is an incredible value at under $90 on Amazon. And when you dig a bit deeper, you’ll realize this watch gets better by the minute.

The fact that Seiko builds their own movements is a testament to the care and craftsmanship they put in each watch. Many bigger brands that charge astronomical prices source their movements from other brands, but not Seiko. The Solar movement in the Solar Watch is a battery-powered movement that is charged by photovoltaic cells. Any light will do the trick and on a full charge, this bad boy can run for months without light. Another crazy thing about the Solar watch is that the dial looks opaque, when in reality it’s semi-transparent as the light passes through the dial charging up the movement. Seiko somehow didn’t skimp on much as this watch has a day-date function, deployment clasp with push down button, synthetic leather band and Seiko’s proprietary Hardlex crystal. If you’re a collector, new watch buyer or just a fashionable dude, this watch is for you.

Price: $80.49
Source: Amazon

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