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We recently started a running kick to knock out a marathon, and to be a bit healthier. Like most people we’re competitive, really competitive. We want to make sure we’re training the right way, getting faster, beating our friends and recording it all. GPS watches do a great job at tracking our runs, but they’re expensive. We first started with the Nike+ app and that’s all we needed.

Nike+ is available for all devices and is a great all-in-one app for training for a marathon or just tracking your runs. First, download the app to your device and then set up an account through your email or Facebook. To make this app fun and give yourself some added motivation, add your friends from email or Facebook to see how you stack up against them each week and month.


Within the app you can track each run, the location and the pace of every mile. GPS is fueling the tracking of your outdoor runs and the app will tell you when the signal is weak. This can cause inaccurate time/distances, but we haven’t had an issue. If you’re running indoors your pace and distance can be tracked through accelerometer data instead of GPS. You have to hold your phone in your hand to capture the motion. Armbands won’t work for indoor runs.

One amazing feature of this app that has recently came with an update is the ability for the app to “Auto-pause” when you’re not moving. You’re alerted when you’re inactive and if you accidentally leave your app on all day, you’ll be ok. Once you start running again, it’ll restart.

If you need a bit of training guidance there are nifty features of the app, from the “Coach” to the “Challenges”. “Coach” helps design a training plan that will alert you when you need to run. “Challenges” is where you literally set up a race with your friends. Select the distance, duration and the friends you want to compete with and boom! Challenge accepted!

Once you’re ready to go, turn on the app and run! If you want to listen to your music or audiobook, turn it on and get going.

Price: Free
Source: iTunes, Google Play

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