Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1W 1

High-tech fitness bands, smartphones, tablets, shoes are now equipped with powerful sensors that can provide a wealth of data about our fitness performance. Sony’s taking things to the next level with its Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1W, a little device that attaches to select tennis rackets and sends all kinds of data to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

With the Smart Tennis Sensor, tennis players can actually track their performance and see what they need to improve. For instance, a vibration analysis mechanic analyzes shot counts, ball impact spot, swing speed, ball speed and ball spin. Motion-detection ensures reliable performance measurements.

Sony says the Smart Tennis Sensor can store up to 12,000 shots worth of data in its internal storage, which can then be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

Well known tennis brands such as Prince, Wilson and Yonex are already behind the gadget and will sell rackets in the U.S. and Canada that will work with attachment. Wilson will have

Price: $200
Source: Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

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