Samsung HW-H7500/H7501 Curved Soundbar


Samsung’s pushing its curved TVs hard this year. To match its 55 and 65-inch Curved TV offerings, the company’s created the HW-H7500/H7501 a 42mm wide curved soundbar with the same 4,200mm curved radius as the bent TVs.

If you guessed the Samsung HW-H7500/H7501 Curved Soundbar is a premium product for a premium line of TVs, then you guessed right. The soundbars are made from brushed aluminum and feature 8.1 channel support with sound projecting from three directions to fill up a room.

The soundbar is installed in place of a TV stand, which means if you’re wall-mounting your curved TV (like in the pic above), you won’t have to drill extra holes.

No word on when you can get these and how much they’ll fetch, but take a good look at the soundbar (not the model), and you can probably figure it’ll be on the pricey side.

Price: TBA
Source: Samsung

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