The 100 Watches Project Book


What began as a simple discovery project of painting 100 watches in 100 days, has soon become a project and book of art and horological significance. Artist Matthew Miller (Sunflowermann) requested participants to submit watches they love and he would paint them. Some submissions were of heirlooms, new collections, timepieces that market significant life events and they all told a story. Every detail of each watch was something the participants poured over.


All submissions were painted on a page from a vintage book using ink and watercolors followed by UV resistant spray to seal the colors. The original paintings are available for $100 on Sunflowerman’s site. If you’re not looking to get a painting, you can opt for a coffee table book of all 100 watches on Amazon for $200. Printed by Brinks Publishing, this book contains all 100 watches in a beautiful hardcover format, or you can opt for an interactive e-book.


At DG, we love watches ranging from under $100 to over $10,000 and this book is a great example of seeing watch lovers show off any and everything, from their Timex to their Rolex. Every watch has a story, whether it was a gift from a grandfather or it marks a special occasion. You can check out the stories in his blog.

Price: $200 (Buy at Amazon)
Source: Sunflower Man

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