How to Talk to Your Barber to Get the Haircut You Want


Finding a barber that understands how to cut your hair according to how you want it is all trial and error. It’s not uncommon to tell the guy with the sharp razor blade and scissors that you want your hair “short” and end up with a close shave. Getting a haircut is all about communication — between you and your cutter.

The Art of Manliness once again schools us with knowledge on how to talk to a barber. It starts with asking the right questions and being clear on what you want done.

Start by bringing a picture of a hairstyle you want if you don’t know what the haircut style is called. Then tell the barber how much hair you want taken off; be precise about this and tell him/her in inches/centimeters so there’s no mixup.

Next tell them if you want a taper. This is the length/thickness of your hair from the top to the nape of your neck. Do you want texture? There’s choppy, razored, and layers. These will all give your hair a less straight-cut look, but will allow you to style it with some kind of wax, gel or pomade.

Be exact on what kind of neckline you want. Either a blocked neckline (good for making skinny necks look wider), rounded neckline, or a tapered neckline. The arches — the curvature around your ear — can be done with a “high arch” or a “natural arch”.

Lastly, tell them how you want your sideburns: ear length, mid-length or long.

Now that you know all the terms, you’re finally speaking the barber’s language. He/she will be impressed next time you go in and will be that more willing to listen to what you want.

Source: Art of Manliness

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