BelayCords – Reversible USB Cable


When it comes to gadgets, we want the best. Cables are no exception in our pursuit, and frankly, we could up our cable game. BelayCords are featured on Kickstarter, and they make the first reversible USB cable. This sounds silly to some, but to have a charging cable that cannot be used in either orientation can be frustrating. Did we mention these chords come in great designs, they’re durable, and they have a lifetime warranty? The cables are wrapped in a stylish and colorful fabric exterior, and have anodized metal tips. These cables come in Lightning, 30-pin, Micro USB, and Mini USB models. A Lightning cable by Apple will run you $19, but for six more bucks, you can purchase a great looking BelayCord for your iPhone 6.

Price: $25+
Source: Kickstarter

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