Hammered Copper Cups at Dot & Bo


A big part of drinking anything is the glassware it is served in. If you’ve been drinking wine, beer, and martinis from a highball glass, you deserve better. We’ve featured different types of glassware suitable for multiple occasions, and the latest glassware we’re liking is the Hammered Copper Cups at Dot & Bo. These cups are made of 100% recycled copper in the USA, holds up to 12 oz., and must be hand washed.

If you’re looking for a cocktail perfect for these cups, we recommend going with a Moscow Mule. The Moscow Mule is best served chilled and copper cups offer a cool sensation since the metal quickly takes to and insulates the cold temperature of the cocktail. We’re firm believers that the Mule’s flavors are enhanced when served in copper. Some experts believe the vodka oxidizes boosting the aroma, the cold copper increases the carbonation and brings the lime juice to life which helps to complement the ginger beer. A Moscow Mule in a copper cup (Or mug) might be the most versatile cocktail in the game.

Price: $114.99
Source: Dot & Bo

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