Sa™: The Umbrella Reimagined


Umbrellas stand no chance against heavy rainfall and wind. Unless you’re using a giant golf umbrella, the life expectancy of most umbrellas is a season or two. Kikkerland’s Umbrella Samurai is a popular choice for most, and we like the handle design, but haven’t yet seen anything really unique in style and structure. Enter the beautiful Sa umbrella by Nooka currently on Kickstarter.  Taking influences from origami, the Sa uses planar tension for its structure. The inner and outer canopies work as one as the umbrella opens and closes.

The Sa utilizes six guide panels that allow the umbrella to open and close and provide structural support. The panels replace a typical metal frame that is susceptible to breaking and bending, and cover less space leaving you more headroom. The entire umbrella is made of one material in varying thicknesses and strength, recyclable and waterproof plastic. By using this material, Nooka has noted the materials are repairable, removable, and replaced easily. By having pieces that can be removed, Nooka has hinted at interchangeable parts with different colors.

To open the Sa, all it takes is a rotation of the bottom of the handle triggering the spring-loaded mechanism. To close the Sa, a quick pull on the handle and it closes. To ensure the umbrella is tightly closed, Nooka has added magnets along the perimeter of the panels to close firmly.

The Sa looks great and has a unique design, but we’re still unsure if this can withstand some serious weather. Nooka’s goal for the Sa is $30,000 and with 48 days left to go, they will easily get there. You can get your Sa for $89 ($69 for 1 umbrella are all gone).

Price: $89+
Source: Kickstarter

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