Dapper Guide TV Presents: Cocktail Making 101


Cocktails aren’t difficult to make if you know what you’re doing. Dapper Guide TV teamed up with NYC’s 10 Degrees bar and awesome bartender Connie Sunborn to teach you youngin’s how to make three simple, easy-to-make cocktails that will rock any house party.

All three cocktails — Blueberry Cobbler, Jalapeño Infused Margarita, and Lynchberg Lemonade — will take under three minutes to make once you have all your ingredients set up.

Check them out and good luck with your making your own cocktails.

Cocktail Making 101 Part I: Blueberry Cobbler

Cocktail Making 101 Part II: Jalapeño Infused Margarita

Cocktail Making 101 Part III: Lynchberg Lemonade