Fermentation Without Representation by Epic Brewing Company


The collaboration between Epic Brewing Company and DC Brau Brewery Company was a great decision that we’re loving this fall/winter. Epic has long been known for their great tasting beers that win awards nonstop. With over 10 medals and awards this year alone, DC Brau is planting their flag as one of the best breweries in the game. Epic and DC Brau’s collaboration on their pumpkin porter, “Fermentation without Representation” is one of the most delicious beers this season.

The Epic and DC Brau pumpkin porter is not a beer that will blow you away with sharp flavors, but it’s a beer that has refined, clean, yet subtle flavors. Every culture has a dish that won’t impress you on the first bite or sip, but will leave you wanting more forever. Congee, fresh sweet tofu with sugar, spaghetti with meatballs, adobo are all dishes that are soulful, filled with love that have an addictive taste. If you lean towards the side of fresh brewed coffee over sugar laced coffee ice cream, you’ll appreciate everything this beer has to offer.

This pumpkin porter pours a thick syrupy dark brown and nearly black. The carbonation is evident, and there is a think white head upon pouring. On the nose, the flavors are vanilla, squash, and malt. The first tasted is a soulful, robust sweet taste followed by a perfectly ripe pumpkin. Not a pumpkin that’s over ripe or too young, but just ready to go. The porter style holds and exploits the pumpkin taste well without creating contradictory flavors. This beer is unassuming, and totally delicious.

Source: Epic Brewing Company

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