The Strongbox by Best Made Company


We’re at the end of the year and as we’re shopping for gifts for our loved ones, it’s also a good time to do some cleaning as you get ready for the new year. We’re preparing for the next year by purging our places with the useless crap that has dominated our shelves and to do some organizing. A shelving system is always essential in organizing your place, but it’s equally important to have compartments and boxes to hold everything.

For no frills storage boxes, we turn to The Container Store as their products are inexpensive and easily stackable. If you’re looking to take storage boxes up a notch, we turn to the Strongbox by Best Made Company. Best Made Company makes some of our favorite items and the Strongbox is a beautiful and nearly indestructible storage box. This box can hold anything from knives to watches. Made by hand and in the U.S., this box comes in two sizes, two colors, and is secured by a heavy-duty snap latch.

Price: $28-$36
Source: Best Made Company

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