5 Items for Auction at Housing Works


For years, Housing Works has been at the forefront of charitable deeds for those with the HIV/AIDS virus. Through their advocacy offices in New York City, Albany, Washington D.C., Mississippi, Haiti, and Puerto Rico, Housing Works fights for funding and legislation so that all people living with HIV/AIDS have quality housing, healthcare, HIV prevention information and other crucial services, in addition to legal protection from stigma and discrimination.

Not only is Housing Works one of the great charitable organizations out there, they are successful by selling quality vintage items. We regularly donate to Housing Works and are also customers. We’ve picked up suits (Brand new and used), shoes, books, and etc from their great locations.

For some of their prized items, you can purchase them through their ongoing auctions online. There is a lot of inventory and some outstanding finds. Below are 5 great items we’re loving from shoes to furniture. Check out their site and help out the cause.

Source: Housing Works

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1. Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Loafers – Size 8.5 (Current bid is $82.50 – Ends 12/11)


2. Salvatore Ferragamo Boots – Size 9.5 (Current bid is $71.50 – Ends 12/9)


3. John Stuart Desk (Current bid is $195 – Ends 12/10)


4. Deco Style Coffee Table (Current bid is $125 – Ends 12/14)


5. Ethan Allen Side Table (Current bid is $125 – Ends 12/11)