Juniper Ridge Desert Denim Wash


There are various schools of thought on how to keep your jeans/denim from fading and getting worn out. Some people wash them every week or every two weeks. Others go months (60+) days without washing their denim. The even crazier jeans fanatics will even suggest you toss ’em in the freezer to get rid of any lingering odors.

Juniper Ridge has a different idea that’s not necessarily more hygienic in any way, but will probably make your unwashed/preserved jeans a little more pleasant for the people around you. The company’s Desert Denim Wash gives your jeans a “clean hit from the wilderness.” Spray some of the “wash” (it’s basically cologne for your pants) on your jeans and that date might actually want to yank them off you instead of wrinkling their face in disgust.

For the curious, the ingredients in the spray: organic sugar cane alcohol, tree pitch, plant sap/juice and steam-distilled essential oils.

Price: $45
Source: Juniper Ridge

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