Jack Purcell Signature with Nike Zoom Air

Jack Purcell Signature

I’ve owned dozens of Jack Purcell sneakers over the years. And I keep buying them again and again (in different colors, of course) because like Chucks and Nike Dunks and Vans, Purcells are classics. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, right? Converse decided a few improvements were in order.

The new Jack Purcell Signature sneakers has 18 improved elements designed for greater style, better comfort and longevity:

  • 1. Two-ply duck canvas
  • 2. Polished aluminum eyelets
  • 3. Two-piece boxing (sole)
  • 4. Leather split topcloth
  • 5. Inner signature label
  • 6. Duck Canvas eyebrows
  • 7. Open weave forefoot
  • 8. Winged tongue
  • 9. Sole logo
  • 10. Herringbone outsole
  • 11. Nike Zoom Air technology
  • 12. Ortholite footbed
  • 13. Signature embroidered tongue
  • 14. Cotton lace
  • 15. Two-piece smile
  • 16. Heel stay
  • 17. Canvas steel counter
  • 18. Heel logo

Did you catch all that? No? That’s okay, Converse’s website breaks all the features down so you actually know what we’re talking about next time we talk about Purcells’ smile and its footbed.

I’ve already ordered a pair in Mason a.k.a gray (they also come in black and white). I’ll have a review once I get them in. My three top features that I hope will mean a better sneaker are the Nike Zoom Air cushioning (because I walk a lot), the heel logo (because they always peeled off easily) and the winged tongue (because it always slides around too much).

Price: $95
Source: Converse

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