Filson’s Double Mackinaw Cap


Hats are a must for those cold winter seasons. We get that hats can ruin your hair, but it’s better than freezing. Also, everyone uses some sort of pomade or wax that can, and will pop back into shape in a moments notice.

One of the winter hats we’ve liked this season is the Double Mackinaw Wool cap by Filson. This hat is casual and very warm. Made with rain-repellent Mackinaw wool, an insulated crown, nylon lining, tie-back, comfy shearling-lined earflaps, and lastly it covers your neck. This cap has many features and packs a punch. Wool is meant to keep you warm and insulate, rather than act as a shield and repel, that being said, Filson has stated that this is rain-repellent. This cap is geared towards extreme cold temperatures and snow, rather than rain. When in a rainstorm, grab an umbrella, and your cap will do just fine.

If you’re like us and really think about which color cap will be best for most outfits, we stick with neutral colors that go with anything. We like pretty much all colors except for the red one. Now if mixing and matching colors is your dapper style, be bold.

Price: $78
Source: Filson

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