Mountain Jacket by Topo Designs


Topo Designs has inventive looks for classic designs. A simple everyday jacket is their Mountain Jacket. Strip away the vibrant colors, hood, and waterproof breathable material and you have a military jacket. This jacket caught our eye, not because it’s made in the U.S. or because it is bulletproof to all elements, but because it looks so good. This casual jacket is for all-around use, and it is a nice middle ground between street and formal wear. Throw on chinos and Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, and you’ve got a business casual look.

The Mountain Jacket is made with waterproof breathable nylon, and ripstop nylon that acts as a vapor barrier. There are nice accents by way of the leather hood toggles, zippered pockets, and heavy-duty outer snaps. This jacket has a soft shell and can transform into a pillow. There are many pockets on the front, side, back, and inside the jacket. Their sizing is so exact; not your standard mystery “small” or “large,” but they measure each jacket from pit to pit, the front, and neckline to the end of the cuff.

Price: $289
Source: Topo Designs

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