Cool Material’s Monti-Birra Beer Glass


Having the right glass for any drink is crucial. If you still have styrofoam or red plastic cups, then my dear sir, you need to step it up. We’ve featured affordable glasses if you literally are buying your first glass glasses, but we also have featured glasses that improve your drink. The Monti-Birra Beer Glass available at Cool Material is just that glass. This glass has an inverted base that looks like a mountain at the bottom, hence “Mountain Beer Glass”, (Italian translation of this glass) that is said to enhance any carbonated beverage. This glass works best with a pilsner, gose, bock or lighter ales. Dark beers are best served with other glass designs.

The Monti-Birra Beer Glass has a sharp design and the lines really just make you want to have a drink. These glasses come in a set of two and hold 12 oz. These are made of lead free crystal and must be hand washed.

Price: $54
Source: Cool Material

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