Skagen’s Summer Sale

When Skagen came on the market, Skagen was known for clean designs and makers of some of the thinnest watches in the market. Fast-forward to 2015 and they’re one of the most popular brands in the business. Their Danish designs are minimal, modern and their watches fit really well. One of my first watches was a Skagen and to this day when friends are looking for sub $200 timepieces, Skagen is one of my recommendations.


Skagen Denmark timepieces typically are $200 and under, which make them very affordable. You’re not getting sapphire crystal or in-house mechanical movements, but what you are getting is a well-crafted watch with solid materials and stylish designs. Currently on their site, they’re running a sale of up to 50% off select products. The watches in the sale range from their basic steel designs to titanium chronographs. They also have backpacks, wallets and other accessories included in the sale. Check it out HERE!

Source: Skagen Denmark

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(Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement and Dapper Guide is not affiliated with Skagen in any capacity. We simply believe this is a great deal that’s worth sharing.)