Staeckler Shoe Storage System


Shoe storage is one of the biggest issues facing millenials. We like sneakers, but if you lined out your sneakers on an open patch on your floor, you’re losing precious floor space. We’ve seen many different forms of shoe storage from: shelves, shoe holders on the back of a door, plastic uniform boxes that stack easily, and they all work. Another storage choice we’ve liking is the Staeckler shoe storage system.


The Staeckler is a singular clip for each shoe that creates a wedge between the Staeckler clip, the heel of the shoe, and the wall. This shoe storage system was designed specially for sneakers. These clips are held in place through adhesive pads, 2 screws, and wall anchors. Coming in four colors, blue, grey, white, and orange, these clips cost $12 a pop (for use on 1 pair of shoes). If you have 100 pairs or just two you want to display, the Staeckler clips are a quick and easy way to display them. Most sneakers fit the Staeckler and if you have an issue with sandals, Birkenstocks or Nike Huaraches reach out to them for help. Not to state the obvious, but make sure your shoes are clean, you don’t want muddy or dirty things hanging from your walls.

Price: $12
Source: Staeckler

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