Artifox Standing Desk 01

artfox-desk-01-standing-deskA solid and functional desk is a deciding factor in how productive and creative you’ll be. If you’ve ever done work on your dining table you know how challenging it can be. Just to get set up is a challenge. If everything is in place, you sit down and go. You do more with a great desk. Fact. And you do even more with a standing desk.

artfox-desk-01-standing-desk-3Artifox’s Standing Desk 01 is the best standing desk we’ve seen so far. This was made to look beautiful and is incredibly functional. The desk is made of either maple or walnut and made in USA. Starting from the top, you have ample space for your computer, books, tablets, phones, and more. The dimensions of this desk are H 40-45″ x W 54″ x D 27″. Depending on if you’re right or left handed, you can have a dry-erase board or chalkboard on either side. This makes jotting things down quick and easy.

On the other side of the board is a charging dock for a tablet and phone. The cables to your devices go in a cutouts in the charging dock. We’ve also seen the larger of the two cutouts used to house a small plant.

Below the surface of the desk is a storage cabinet to hide cables, power strips, and drives. And as we work our way towards the floor there is a magnetic system for cable management. There are also two hooks that can be used for bags, headphones and etc. Lastly, maybe the most important part is the adjustable legs to customize the height of the desk. The desk can be moved roughly five inches depending on your height.

This desk is stunning and methodically constructed to improve your everyday workload. It holds every essential item you’ll need and keeps them right at your fingertips. Gone are the days when your desk needed storage cabinets. At $2,000, this isn’t cheap, but with all the features and great construction, this desk is worth every penny.

Price: $2,000
Source: Artifox

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