Gramovox Floating Record

They’re something special about vinyl, whether it’s that excitement when you buy an album or taking time to listen to it on your turntable. Some of my favorite songs can only be heard on vinyl. Johnny Flynn’s album, A Laurm has exclusive tracks only available on the vinyl album, not the CD, not iTunes, and not Spotify. While your phone plays music to get you in a certain mood or through a workout, listening to a vinyl record is an experience all itself.

The Floating Record by Gramovox is a vertical turntable. This turntable is aesthetically pleasing, but also plays records at a high quality. This turntable does everything, forget buying speakers and amps as there are built-in full range stereo speakers. Made in either walnut or maple, this turntable uses an Audio-Technica dual magnet cartridge mounted on an adjustable carbon fiber tone arm and can spin both 33s and 45s. There’s a RCA Line out, but also a headphone jack for private listening. This turntable starts at $349 and is available on Kickstarter. Shipment date for this turntable is December 2015. So far the Kickstarter campaign has been wildly successful raising over $1 million dollars in comparison to their $50,000 goal. The Floating Record is assembled in Chicago, Il.


Price: $349
Source: Kickstarter

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