Sixpoint Resin IIPA Brewing Kit


Craft a Brew and Sixpoint Brewery collaborated to put together a DIY homebrewer’s kit for Sixpoint’s Resin Imperial IPA. This is pretty awesome since a great brewery is giving consumers an inside look at what they do. We’ve seen beer kits with clone beers from popular breweries, but not many collaborations with the breweries themselves.

We’ve tried many kits and you can check out our homebrew adventures on the site. A beer making kit isn’t designed to find the next great brewer, but to bring consumers closer and get the dialogue started about the process and appreciation of beer.

This kit by Craft a Brew and Sixpoint Brewery has everything you’ll need to brew beer. Keep in mind, I said “Brew” and I didn’t mention bottling the beer, because you’ll also supplies for that task. At a minimum, get the Bottling Kit from their site and you should be set. So for $48 you’ll get the brewing kit and an extra $30 and you have the bottling kit. This homebrew kit is a plus from other 1 gallon kits we’ve seen in that this is “Extract brewing” as you’ll be using extracts for a bulk of the sugar rather than pulling the sugars from the grains (Differs from All-Grain brewing). This method more full-proof and gives you a good introduction to brewing.


Once you have both brewing and bottling kits, go to town and enjoy it. One tip is to go easy on the drinking when making the beer as you don’t want to screw up your first batch. If you’re interested an Imperial IPA hop bomb like the Resin, then start with a beer you’ll drink and check out the other beer kits Craft a Brew has for sale.

The homebrew kit includes:
1-Gallon carboy
Racking Cane
Rubber Stopper
Transfer tubing and thumb clamp
Guide to Craft Brewing
Sixpoint Resin IIPA Recipe kit

You WILL need:
Bottle caps
Bottle capper
Big pot (Preferably stainless steel)

Price: $48
Source: Craft a Brew

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