The Last Belt You’ll Ever Buy


Every single item of clothing is important and one often overlooked item is the belt. Belts typically take on a more functional purpose than stylistic and that’s a huge mistake when you’re trying to look good. A good rule is to match shoes with your belt. If you have a pair of red or orange shoes, then match it to the belt in a similar color palette. When in doubt or if you’re looking to buy one belt, we start with burgundy rather than brown or black. However, every man needs a black and brown belt at a minimum.

A quality belt with vibrant colors that we’re liking is by Ball and Buck. Their belt is called, “The last belt you’ll ever buy” due to the quality of the materials and clean design. The belt does look great. The belt is made of full grain leather and features brass hardware. The leather comes from a tannery in Red Wing, MN. The width of the belt is 1.5″ and the thickness is 0.25″. This belt comes in 3 colors: Natural (Beige), Latigo (Burgundy), and Black.

Ball and Buck’s belts are solid and a smart purchase. When we’re shopping for belts, we start with quality first, and then followed by the design. That being said, we’ve featured other belts that are equally great. They too use quality materials and have great designs. The Ball and Buck belt may be the last belt you’ll buy, but that doesn’t make it the best. That being said, this belt is a huge step up from the reversible belts we seen too often used and is more than worth the price.


Price: $118
Source: Ball and Buck

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