Outfit of the Day: Tuesday


Whether it’s a cool brisk day, a hot one, date night or a work day that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and look good. Every day should be important, every detail crucial. Now granted not every outfit will match the situation and surroundings you’ll find yourself in, but it’s all about effort and feeling full of confidence.

Shuhei Nishiguchi and Tomoyoshi Takada of BEAMS Japan are two supremely dapper dudes. These outfits they put on earlier in the month were on point with a ton of details. If you look closely the colors they’re playing off of aren’t wild or unique, they’re just different complementing shades of like-minded colors. Blues, whites, cream, and various textures and patterns.

A little closer look at these guys and you’ll notice the accessories that make these outfits unique. Check out the hats, rings, pocket squares, bracelets, suspenders, wallet chain, and portfolio. If you have a favorite accessory, try it with all of your outfits. Even if it’s a pair of shoes. Suit up in your favorite slip-ons, and then in another outfit take those to the beach.

Source: Guerreisms

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