Quick Delivery at Genki Sushi

I know Genki Sushi, there was one in Hawaii, and I’ve been there a few times. “Conveyor Belt Sushi” right? Genki Sushi in Hawaii and Tokyo are very different things. In Hawaii, there is a conveyor belt where you grab what you want and there is a waiter that gets everything else for you. In Tokyo, this is more like a delivery service sushi on a conveyor belt. You use a nifty tablet to order everything.


In Japan, these dining spaces are weird, lonely, but also pretty nice sometimes. If you’re taking pics of your food or multi-tasking while eating, who cares, no human is sitting across from you. It’s lonely in that your friend is on your left or right and your best friend is the tablet.


I just came back from eating, so I wanted to give this a try without throwing up. I ordered a few sushi dishes I’ve never had, and had to order the obligatory uni. It’s there, I’m in Tokyo, I need it.


So the deal is, you can order 3 things at once. The reason being, you order it, they serve it on the conveyor belt and you have time to eat before your next order. I’m an idiot, so I ordered, then ordered again, not knowing what the fuck I was doing. Once your food comes your supposed to take it and hit the button sending the conveyor belt back to the kitchen. Yes, I ended up with 6 dishes at once. Moronic! The system is efficient, fast, and easy to use.

For the sushi, obviously being in Tokyo the quality goes up from sushi in the states and I wasn’t disappointed. What I did love was the cost, I got a few pieces of mackerel, uni, tuna, salmon, and was that’d be close to a full meal for under $10 or 1,000 Yen.

What I did not get at all is the water situation. How are you going to have a spigot for water to have one hot side and one hotter side?! So I got some hot tea with my meal, then thought about some cold water. Opened the other spigot and quickly drank the hotter water. Again, idiot. All in all, the food was good and pretty close in price to 711 and Family Marts which also serve fresh and good food (Surprisingly).

Genki Sushi isn’t a place you’d come to Japan to go to, it’s a place when you want fairly fresh sushi, cheap, and some booze. Something to get your night going, not to end it.

Source: TripAdvisor

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