3-Way Carryall by Hook and ALBERT


Having a versatile bag is crucial. To have a bag that can be used for work and casual use is not only logical, but economical. If you’re like us, you need a bag to carry anything from gym clothes to a laptop. Living in New York requires a bag to carry the basic necessities, we’re not going from our house to our car to our office, we’re taking things on the go, non-stop. Cambridge Satchel Company and Timbuk2 makes some of our most used bags. Versatile bags must meet the bare minimum features of: design, storage space, and proper padding.

Hook and ALBERT makes the Garment Weekender which we’ve featured on DG and we’re liking the Melange Fabric 3-way Carryall bag. This bag can be used as a briefcase, backpack or shoulder bag, but this bag doesn’t simply have visible straps everywhere to change its usage. Backpack straps are hidden in a pocket on the side of the bag, the top handles are retractable, and the shoulder strap is removable.


Besides being versatile, this bag is well-built and looks great. Made of cotton melange fabric, this bag looks not quite suitable for rain or liquids, but has a nifty weatherproof nylon rain guard. Think a stylish MacGyver bag. This bag has a padded computer pocket (Absolute necessity) and can hold up to a 15″ laptop. There are multiple pockets in the interior. Another feature for a bag that has everything, is a padded neoprene back.

The drawbacks of this bag are space and price. The dimensions aren’t listed, but with a notebook, laptop, we’re estimating only a few shirts, or a water bottle will fit. At $395, this bag is not cheap at all. If you’re someone who doesn’t carry too much in his bag, this is the cream of the crop without delving into a leather bag. If you do carry more, this might be too small.

Price: $395
Source: Hook and ALBERT

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